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The SAJ is celebrating its 90th anniversary by asking members to participate in service, learning, and community projects.

This site presents the various projects that are part of the celebration and tracks what SAJ members are doing.

  1. Go to the Project Listings page to find out about SAJ90 projects.

  2. Follow the instructions on each project's page to find out how to participate.

  3. Come back and report the hours spent on the form below.

  4. Go to the Project Page and write a comment about your experience.

Record Your Service and Learning for the SAJ 90/90/90 Project

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How does the SAJ90 Web site work?

on Mon, 10/31/2011 - 21:42

Welcome to the web site.

This site exists for two reasons:

First, to let people know about projects they can join as part of the SAJ 90th Anniversary Celebration.

Second, to record the hours that people participated in the various projects.

If anything is confusing or doesn't work right please send us a message using the Contact form.


-The SAJ90 Web Site Team